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“the interaction with kids on this estate is amazing kids come along free of charge and learn new skills play and even get fed for free its brilliant” (Facebook Review by Sue Sparks -Grandparent)

“This is the best project I have seen on this estate. It gets the children back playing out. They can take risks which is great as in this day and age every thing is just ridiculously over risk assessed. My children love going there and playing. I am really hoping this project will continue to flourish so it can develop into the dream the organisers have for it!” (Facebook Review by Wendy Jansje -Parent)


“fab place for the kids to burn of some energy having fun” (Facebook Review by Jodie-Lee Brown -Parent)

“Good for kids and parents meeting new people and learning” (FFF Evaluation form -Parent)

“Getting out of the house to have fun in a safe environment” “It's about time there was something for the kids to do on this estate” (FFF Evaluation form -Parent)


“My children have made loads of new friends” “Families eating together as a community” (FFF Evaluation form -Parent)

“Staff really engage with the children”(FFF Evaluation form -Parent)

“Always have fun, lots to do and someone to look after us” (FFF Evaluation form -Luke 10)

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